Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Local reporter is Zombie for a day

In Saskatoon, SK, Canada, StarPheonix reporter Stephanie McKay experienced being a zombie for a day. So what does a zombie do in a day? Eat brains? Turns out there is more to being a zombie than brains. 

"The day started like most human days. I got out of bed. Zombies don't need to sleep but they still enjoy a little downtime. After a quick breakfast - Mini Wheats, don't worry; I still need my fibre - I headed to work."

"Then I hit the streets in search of a story. I often get strange looks from passersby."

"When I took the bus, the living didn't seem to notice me. "

"I shuffled to the mall for a little shopping because my outfit had got awfully bloody. But within 15 minutes, a pair of security guards approached me and my photographer and asked us to leave."

"I then did a little grocery shopping. I try to get by on organ meats and fish heads. Luckily, those items aren't very popular."
 Click above links to get the whole story, along with a video and a zombie list of undead in Saskatchewan.

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