Monday, 24 February 2014

Walking Dead Monopoly and Risk

 ThinkGeek has brought has 2 classic games and mashed them up with my favorite show, The Walking Dead. 

 Instead of collecing $200 for random, you get $200 worth of supplies and to protect the already shitty property you have from walkers and other jerks, aka the Govna. Screw having B.O. railways, you get to own a bike, horse, RV, or a truck. OOH! I so want to play this game! And for $40, I think I can afford to get it.

As for risk, I never liked it normally.  For $50 on ThinkGeek, you not only defend yourself from other players, but from the rotting undead. Sounds like a lose-lose for me. " Zombies populate areas of the map and continue to randomly spawn at the start of each player's turn", according to the game rules. O yay...but if you like this "risk"-y game, then play away nerd.
Hit the jump for more shots of the Monopoly board and pieces. My fav: the telephone. Crazy Rick!  

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