Monday, 9 December 2013

TWD: Mid Season 4 Finale where Brian ruins X-mas

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I'm sure millions of Walking Dead fans were on the end of their seats cursing, crying, and left with sooo many emotions to deal with after last weeks episode. I know I sure was. 

Just when everything was settling down at the prison after Carol's burning session (remind me not to cough around her), we learn that the Governor aka Brian is back, or still alive. An episode was dedicated to Brian being stranded and on his own for a long while and then he finds himself a new family to adopt and replace his wife and zombie child. Brian gets them to a new place with some old friends where he ends up killing those because he is a crazy mofo. He then decides it is time to visit some old pals at the prison. This is where the mid season finale comes in. 

Since One-Eyed Bri can't have any thing nice or share with others, he gathers his new friends to go after Rick and the prison. He captures Michonne and, Hershel, tells Rick to leave the prison, or no one will get to have it. See? Can't play nice.

Well poor Rick tries to work things out but no good enough for Brian and his tank. That is when the guts start flying. 

Not only did we lose Santa and the prison, but Brian got punched, stabbed, and then shot. His girlfriend does that after Brian's replacement daughter is bitten. She is better off dead than with a father figure like the Govna. 
Too much was lost this episode. Beth and Maggie lose their father and are separated, same with Maggie and Glen, little girls are shooting people more than Carl, the prison is wrecked and infected, and Little Ass Kicker is missing or dead! 
While most rejoiced at the death of the asshole Govna, most were shocked and sad for the death of one of the last people with great human morale, kindness, and wisdom. RIP Hershel.
 And to conclude this, we have to wait 2 months till we find out what has happened to our prison folk and are left with a pit in our stomach. Christmas will be tough this year to get through, but we can do it. Don't look back. 

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