Monday, 30 December 2013

Top 5 Posts of 2013

This year Zombie Diaries has had more views than ever before. Since 2009 the blog has changed a lot from its content to the look to even the viewers. One thing that we can all agree on that has not changed is we love our zombies! 
So what did we love the most in 2013? It seems cats, cartoons and animated shows, good ol' Saskatchewan (YAY), and naked super hero ladies. So a 30 something-year-old crazy cat Saskatchewan lesbian who enjoys cartoons seems to be my viewers. Love it!

Let's give those top 5 posts now!

 #1 Zombie Cat: The Tale of a Decomposing Kitty

Isabel Atherton wrote a book about a rotting, horny cat who tries to find its way back home. Funny and gruesome. Great read!

DeviantArt member Cronobreaker 
drew zombie food. Seems you all like rotten food.  

In May, a camp near Regina, Saskatchewan, became a success as it taught people how to survive the wilderness and fight off zombies. Look forward to seeing what success they have in 2014.

She's naked! She's dead! She's the Wonder Woman of all your dreams.
There's some paint on your nip nip WW. Bet get that cleaned off.

SHMEOW-ZEOW! Undead Marceline created by ToxicZ0mbi3, a Deviant Art fan artist, made the cut of our list for its cuteness and algebraic drawing skills. 

Hope you enjoyed loving the undead with Zombie Diaries in 2013, and may we enjoy this disgusting passion together in 2014!

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