Sunday, 8 September 2013

World War Z: the movie where Brad Pitt saves the world

I finally got around to watching World War Z, which stars Brad Pitt as a UN employee out to find a cure against some rabid disease...or so some idiots thought. *spoilers ahead*

"Based on the novel World War Z" (pfft! The Oatmeal will tell you the truth),  zombies start VERY quickly chomping their way through the world and messes with Brad Pitt's family car ride. And no one messes with Mr. Pitt! These zombies are the rage type. Creepy freakin' things. They start head banging into any object they can find and slam themselves in solo mosh pits. They don't even crave brains but rather some ultimate tag via teeth marks which leaves the victims having seizures, a severe case of corneal opacity, and gingivitis. Plus they sound like baby raptors.

He sets out back in his former UN life and leaves his family on a boat to find out where the source came from. He heads to North Korea with a team and right off the bat a clumsy young doctor trips over his two left feet with his finger on the trigger and shoots himself. This causes zekes to go crazy and forces Pitt to leave for Israel. Soon mudslides of animated berserkers fidget their way and plummet to their undead deaths over a grand wall of "I thought we were safe" group of hippie singing people. In the frantic mess, a soldier that was with Brad gets bit and Brad decides to cut the biotch's arm off! What amazed me here was how clean Brad was with arterial spray gushing 3 inches from his face. 

Brad and his new lady pet jump on a plane where zombies, not snakes, are on it. To make himself more comfortable with a horde of people, he grenades the plane which in turn crashes it and leaves him with some cuts and bruises and a decent 12 inch shard in his side. YES! He finally gets hurt. Him and the lady soldier go to a health facility where he risks his life and others to get H1N1, meningitis, HIV, or some other horrible disease in hopes to blend in with the infested zombies. HUZZAH! Happy endings commence and Brad returns to his family in Nova Scotia, Canada, where all live peacefully in the land of opportunity!

While I enjoyed pointing out some strangely horrible spots in this film, I did enjoy it. If it had never been associated or promoted with Max Brooks' book, this would have been a great stand alone film. Instead many people like myself were excited to see a movie based on a novel we loved, only to find that it was about Brad pit running away from explosions and zekes.

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