Monday, 16 September 2013

I PlayZombie Games

PlayZombie looks like a site from early 2000's but is packed with hours worth of zombie related games. I played two games and was hooked on the last one for over an hour.

First I tried Typing of the Living Dead. This game starts out like a worse version than of Doom and the objective: Destroy as many zombies as possible before you become infected (by typing them to death I guess). It is sad. As a person who does type a lot in my job and in life, I thought this would be easy. NOPE! I made more mistakes than ever. Thing is you can't see what you are typing. You can't tell if you are making mistakes. Frustrating!

Second was Zombie Inc. The idea is that you are some hot shot CEO where you create the undead and then unleash them to other countries to rule the world. My home country was 2nd easiest to attack. I blame our poor government and lack of army.

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