Monday, 26 August 2013

Little Golden Book Rick's New Friend

This is the most unlikely children's book ever to get made but I wish it would. I was such a big Little Golden Book fan and I'm a TWD fan so this could not be any more perfect.  This does appear to be a t-shirt design by some Brodie H. Brockie that I can't seem to find a decent link to.
I can just see the lessons that could be  learned in this book:

1. Friends don't eat friends.
2. Be kind to others. Shoot them before they turn.
3.Clothes do not make the man; a gun does.
4. Every man for himself.
5. Monsters are real. Do not make friends with them.
6. Bitches be cray-cray and sleep with your best friend when they think you are dead. 
7. Appearances are deceptive.

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