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Zombiekins is about a stuffed toy zombie that Stanley purchased from the creepy Widow in Dementedyville (wicked name). He fails to listen to her advice in reading the instructions and later that night zombiekins comes to life. It goes to Stanley's school and starts wreaking havoc. Will he be able to save his classmates from becoming undead? 
When I saw this book in my work's library I just had to read it. I wanted to see what type of zombie shenanigans children were getting themselves into.
I found the 208 paged novel hilariously cute. There was sneaky little details here and there that I don't know if some kids would pick up on. There was play on words with some names such as Marsha Mellow and Jacques Straap (THE best).  

Also, pictures helped tell the story that you may not have noticed with words alone, like the fact the Widow was also the cat. 

purposely placed repetition humor
The art work was great in accompanying the story line with it's hints of humor emerged into it such as worms holding an SOS sign and "BRAINS!" being written on a cast. Also, descriptions were repeated as dialogue adding humor without being dumb.

Zombiekins was just enough cuteness, humor and mystery for all ages to enjoy.
4 out of 5 monkey brains
See the intro of the book below:

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