Monday, 1 July 2013

Happy 146th Birthday Canada!

Well Happy Birthday to my favorite country. Yes I am biased. I live in Canada and today is the day we celebrate the nation becoming a country. 

What most of us do on this day is not have to work, enjoy the first summer holiday, and get LOADED! Be careful today. Those folks out there that resemble zombies are actually just shmammered Canadians getting sunburns and dehydration. And those BOOM noises you will hear are not cannons shooting at the masses of zombie hordes but are the sounds of glorious fireworks.

I love this country and I am happy to be Canadian. What I am more happy about is that zombies would most likely die here since we have winter 8 months of the year. And what is even better is this drawing
Happy Zombie Canada Day by ~idrawzombies

on DeviantArt. Best description ever.
"In honor of Canada Day the undead RCMP ride through a river of blood atop a zombified beaver."

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