Monday, 10 June 2013

She Only Liked Me for My Brains

She Only Liked Me for My Brains


 This "graphic novel" compiles offensive wit* filled comics and bouncy titted vixens.
While I did giggle at some things, it was a short snort. It wasn't that great of a book**. It was really random. It was just a bunch of puns or crafted jokes all at the expense of zombies or zombie related events. The art was great if you like tons of T&A. It wasn't a story at all like the description on Goodreads says but rather a conglomerate of forced puns. It was still great to read for some dumb zombie humor but I see why this has not been reviewed a lot. 

*Pretty sure puns are the lowest of lows in the intelligence realm.
**I'm trying to be nice and want to give this credit as a book but it is far from that. I'm sorry???

2 out of 5 monkey brains

Hit the jump for some of my few favorite comics.

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