Friday, 3 May 2013

Zombie Awareness Month
I tend to make a lot of my posts weeks in advance. I some how failed to post on May 1 that this month marks Zombie Awareness Month. What is that you say? According the the best resource in the world (Wikipedia):
Zombie Awareness Month is a campaign to bring awareness about zombies.[1] The campaign is celebrated by its supporters during the month of May.[2][3] Supporters of the movement wear gray ribbons to spread awareness.[4] Zombie Awareness Month was observed during May because several films involving zombies tend to be set in May, most notably, George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead. However, in 2012, the CDC observed Zombie Awareness Month in October.[5] The Zombie Research Society, founded in 2007, claims to have started Zombie Awareness Month.[6] year was my first year to hear about this and I missed out on a lot. So this year I have sported a Twibbon which is a ribbon on my Twitter. Get how they got that? (Lame!) We wear a grey ribbon to show our awareness. Check out the blog's Twitter account here to see for yourself. Better be seeing more of these! Also, found out that the grey ribbon can be a symbol for brain cancer, asthma, and diabetes. Coincidence for brains and zombies to have the same color? I think not!

This month also marks Regina's first Zombie Prep Camp this May long which was featured on the blog here back in March. It will prep humans for survival skills needed incase the undead arise. Hope it is a success!! GO SASKATCHEWAN!

So Zombie On kids! Grab some brains, dress up, have fun, shoot some guns...Best way is to watch some great zombie flicks and zombie reads!  Check out Goodread's awesome list of books to read and the Top 25 Zombie Movies of all time.

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