Friday, 24 May 2013

How to Speak Zombie book

One of my favorite sites, ModCloth, had this interesting book.

 The Story:

You’ve collected enough zombie films to become familiar with all of their customs, but now it’s time to understand the culture of the living dead through the classic method of learning their native language! From brainstorming at the office to lurking around the mall, the everyday scenarios that are showcased in this guide from Chronicle Books introduce you to the basic elements of ghoulish grammar and vocabulary. If the pronunciation of “zzzzzcaaaaaaaahhhhhrrgh” has you puzzled, use your outstretched arms to press the proper button on the attached sound board, then repeat after the realistically chilling recording. Written by Steve Mockus and illustrated by Travis Millard, this spirited guide empowers any horror flick fan to finally switch off the subtitles!

Too funny! I loved these press and play type books as a kid. Why stop having fun just because I am an adult? Bluuuuuuh. Just practicing my zombinese.

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