Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Walking Dead Season 3 Finale

So it has been a couple of days since the Walking Dead ended its third season. By this time I would hope the world has all caught up on the news and I won't be spoiling anything. I also hope the world is ready to talk about what happened. I know this was me when the show ended. 
SOOOO much happened all within a little time. First off the Governor beats his bestie, Milton, almost to death. Does he stop there? NO! He is pissed off with both Milton and Andrea, who is still locked up in the torture chamber. Or as I like to call it the Governor's Play Room. Too bad Milton doesn't want to play his game of Kill Andrea. The Governor stabs Milton when Milton tries to stab him and everyone's heart everywhere sinks. MILTON!!!!! The Governor proclaims, "In this life now, you kill or you die. Or you die and you kill". 
Rick and the prison crew head out of the prison or so we think. The G Unit show up and start blasting shit and killing walkers. They feel pretty cocky and the Governor is probably getting his rocks off at this moment. They find no one in the prison and head for the tombs. AMBUSH! Little bombs are going off causing walkers to come after the G Unit. Next thing you know we see Glen and Maggie shooting from the tops of the prison walk ways; Daryl and Carol show up. The war they were waiting for happens. It wasn't anything special but it scares off the Governor and his wussy people. Who could blame them! They had 4 people shoot at them........4....But I am glad it scared the people off. 
Meanwhile Carl, Beth, Ass Kicker, and Hershel are hiding. A teenage boy comes along, scared. Carl says to drop the gun and instead of being patient, he pops the teen in the head! WTF?!?! Remember this young boy here:
So clean! So scared! So innocent! Of course he has had to shoot his whorish mom, his mom's boyfriend (Shane), and a few other walkers. He has been shot himself, has no toys to play with besides guns and this is the Carl we end up with now:
Bathe already! Meanwhile, in Woodbury in the sex torture chamber, Milton is dying and Andrea is freaking. He tells her he dropped some pliers so she better get to work on getting herself out. She struggles with her toes and the pliers and then Milton becomes Zilton.
Out on the road the Governor stops his "troops" and shoots them all in a wild frenzy because he didn't get to shoot Rick! He spares 2 dudes and one lady remembers survival skills and plays dead under another body.
Back at the prison Rick has a sit down with Carl about shooting innocent people. "Cuurl, did ya'll shoot that boy?" "Ya dad because you a wussy and didn't kill some potential threats and now I'm a messed up orphan!!!!" Rick gathers some of the prison crew and heads to Woodbury. On their way they come across the Governor's massacre and the alive lady. They head to Woodbury, are let in by Tyreese  and Sasha, and are off to find Andrea. And Andrea they find; Bitten. Damn you Zilton! Oh let this be a nightmare!!!! Now who is going to play the whore? Always need one. Anyways, she tells them she is going to end things herself while she can.
Remember when she wanted to die after her sister was zombified? Guess she gets her wish. Michonne stays with her. BFFs till the end!!! Rick, Tyreese, Daryl, and Sasha hear BOOM! Let the tears begin people! 
The episode ends with Rick bringing the people back from Woodbury to the prison. They weren't going to be safe with the loose cannon Governor. Carl asks Rick "Why these bitches be up in my crib?" "Cuurl, play nice. No shooty shoot. We taking care of them now."  

RIP Milton and, most of all, Andrea. I don't even know how to get over this or wait till what...October? FOREVER AWAY! Thank goodness I watch a bizillion shows and can be distracted until Season 4 begins.

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