Friday, 26 April 2013

Gruesome Felt Zombies... or Not

 People get me. I might not reciprocate but who cares when you get awesome presents. Way back in Decemeber, I got a zombie felt kit for Christmas. It came with material to make one felt zombie and a book to show you how to do it and make others at another date.

I can clearly see now with the image on the cover and what I ended up with that my zombie boy looks sad. He should be! His eye is falling out. He looks anything but gruesome. Sad little zombie boy. 

I thought this project would take like an hour at least. NO! I was wrong. 2 damn hours later...and I messed up. I missed a piece in the process and had to glue it on later instead of being sewn in. There was too much gluing and I didn't have the right kind. That would have been something to provide in the kit I think. And he ended up being so tiny. I thought he would be bigger. Sadness.

Hit the jump for a picture step by step of how I screwed this sucker up.

Things needed: 

  • stuffing (had none; used cotton balls)
  • material glue NOT krazy glue
  • felt, thread, accessories like buttons. These were provided but I found I needed black and red thread and they did not give either, but only grey.
  • tracing paper and marker. Loose leaf works.
  • scissors
  • pins  
 Now you are to trace all the pieces on to the paper, cut the tiny suckers out and make sure you label what the heck they are. Then pin to the paper. This was not instructed but I excelled in Home Economics in high school. 100% baby!


So all the clothing pieces had to be glued on. I have no craft glue besides krazy glue. It was a bad idea but it worked.
 Next, add some bloody detail. Make sure you have all pieces! Notice I missed the neck piece in the picture above. Only got the back piece of the neck.

 Sew all around the body. Leave neck/head open. Then stuff that sucker with fluffy white stuff.
Side view of my creation. Wee.....

Next grab one of the head pieces. Sew on a button eye and a scary mouth...not a sad one here. Grab the back head piece, sew together BUT leave an opening so you can stuff it. Stuff it.

Sew the head on. And this is where I noticed that it was weird to attached the head to the front of the zombie's shirt. BAM! Missed the grey neck piece. FAIL!

 Grab a tiny circle piece that you previously cut out. Grab red thread that they DIDN'T tell you about. Good thing I am a hobbyist and used actual thread and looped it together. Add bead. Stick through eye. Glue eye to face.

VOILA! A tiny zombie with a satchel. OH ya. Glue that shit on there too with the weird looking sideways hat.

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