Monday, 25 February 2013

Zeddy Bear

UndeadTeds is the place to go for curing the nightmares out of your children. Wait?! What? I mean give them nightmares. HOLY F***! I'm already having nightmares. And guess who is throwing their teddy bear out pronto?! *points two thumbs at self* THIS CHICK! HOLY MOLY! I always needed an excuse to throw it out. It did smell a little like puke and baby powder. I wonder what these teddies smell like? Rotting flesh? Iron? Sunshine? Really doubt it. 

Guess these teddies sell for £50 or more. That is like $100 each in the Great White North.

Geekologie writer had a great idea just to make one out of your sister's. Watch out sis...your teddy might get the undead treatment.

More photos after the jump.

Another Valentine UndeadTed has torn his own heart out and wants you to have it. Bless his little dripping organs. £59. Shipping is free in the UK. [LINK] SOLD 
Another UndeadTed with a chewed-off face (seems to be a lot of it going around)
This little fella is clutching a blood stained sack containing… Oh I’m not sure I want to know.
£39.  Shipping is free in the UK. [LINK]  SOLD 
New UndeadTed now available. Shattered skull exposing brain. Also gouged eye with protruding socket. £39. Shipping free in the UK. Link SOLD 
UndeadTed SOLD!

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