Friday, 15 February 2013


I'm always slow with things. It's a zombie trait.

From the creators of Coraline comes a film about a kid Norman who sees ghosts and talks to them. Soon an evil witch raises the dead and Norman has to use his gift of ghostanese and save his town with the help of friends (insert token fat friend here) and family. And we all know where this will go. He will be a hero. DUH. But the film is funny and the animation is fantastic. With some adult humor and a touch of family love, this film is a great watch alone or with people of all ages. 

There is just enough creepy zombie stuff to make this a must see zombie flick. I personally want to own all the zombie items in Norman's room. I'd also like a friend like Neil. He is brave, funny, and willing to be friends with someone minus what others think. Plus he says what he is feeling: "When I'm nervous I get mouth diarrhea." I must warn the females of the world, or overly emotional people, I teared up twice. Again, I am a sap.

Watch the trailer below. Came out August 2012.

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