Monday, 7 January 2013

Zombie Winter

Zombie Winter


A cold morning in Ravens Pass. No one speaks. Feet crunch through snow. A quiet school. Hoods pulled over heads. Students shuffle. A clock ticks. In the kitchen, something's brewing...

Kane can survive a long winter. But can he survive zombies?
I just had to read this even though it was a young kids book. I tend to read anything zombie related no matter what the age or topic (fiction or non-fiction).
I needed to see what zombies would give children nightmares. Just from the cover alone I thought "Man, wtf is wrong with this zombie?" Let me list some pros and cons from this short, yet effective novel:

-creepy brown liquid coming from mouths. EW!
-librarian gets injured (Boo!) (I am a Library Technician so any harm done to my kind is not cool! NOT COOL AT ALL!)
-creepy scene in the library. No wonder kids are afraid to read. Might get them killed.
-ruined cocoa for me
-kid is allergic to chocolate OMG.
-creepy hermit man with a secret tunnel.. 0_0
-lunch lady was a warpig (unnatractive person(s), generally of the female variety, who wears way too much makeup (warpaint) and resemble, audially, visually and phsically a herd of porkers)

-great illustrations. Black and white pencil etchings.

Quick read and even though I was weirded out by some of the events, I still thought it was a great kids book in the zombie genre. 
3 out of 5 monkey brains


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