Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Let me predict your future

Holy balls! I want these. What are these you say? These are Zombie Tarot Cards. 
I remember when I was 14 or 15 and my friend had a deck of tarot cards. We played with them and even grabbed my Ouija board and scared ourselves shitless. It was the best! I love being freaked out and being told I was going to die at age 23 in a car accident on X-mas Eve, driving home with a ham beside me. Well guess what OUI-JA?? I made it! Hahaha I can defy your spookiness. Anyways, lovely Geekologie has again, blessed me with zombie information and said that Quirk Books has conceptualized these retro tarot cards. I want these. 
I mean how wicked is that Queen of Cups lady eating that brain? Schmexy. Since I am too lazy (a zombie trait) click HERE to see some images Geekologie has put up of this deck of cards.  

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