Friday, 13 July 2012

The Real Zombie Diaries

Diary of a Zombie Kid

Diary of a Zombie Kid

Bill's mom has done some volunteer medical research for cash since times are hard at the Dookes' house. Instead of just bringing in the cash, she also brought home a zombie virus! Oh noes! Besides dealing with puberty, and that feels like a virus on its own, Bill now has to deal with being a zombie who eats dead animals, being stinky, and becoming a pro-gamer and beating the mysterious player that is kicking his butt!
I'm a huge zombie fan and I'll read any thing zombie related, even if it is a juvenile book like this. I gave this 2 out of 5 because I did enjoy the book, but I'm an adult so some things weren't as funny as they could have been. Thought it was great for kids. I just had a few problems with it. Bill, the zombie kid, can talk and doesn't eat people; he likes dead animals. And he farts a lot and is stinky. Not a typical zombie, but for kids, this book would be a great fun read. It's a great twist to a series already out there, and makes for a great intro into the zombie genre.
2 out of 5 monkey brains

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