Wednesday, 26 August 2015

My heart will go on

Every night in my room, I see you, I feel you...
cause I am scared for my life that zombies will come! Well not really but I do have zombie nightmares some times.
Wanna give your girl something she'll love but hearts aren't her thing? Go with something nontraditional with the Sterling Silver Anatomical Heart from Etsy. Gorgeous and a little badass. 

Monday, 24 August 2015

Bottle Zombie Jewelry

 If only it was simple enough to have an antidote to stop from becoming the undead but no go here! Might as well just wear this fashionable necklace from Etsy. Just around $24 CAD you can get this one to the left or get a custom one or another zombie choice like Zombie Blood or Zombie Virus. There are even earrings!!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Movie and tv ratings

Although not perfect yet, I am working on a ratings system kind of like the one I do for my book reviews. I use the monkey brains 1-5 rating system, found on the blog under Monday Mention Ratings, and now I want to use the classic thumbs up or down for movies and tv shows.
As it stands, two thumbs up mean I LOVED IT or it's just really good. 

One thumb up means I liked it. Kinda how LIKE on Facebook has lost meaning, you can take this LIKE however you want. 

Then of course a thumbs down is just bad news bear for anything. Didn't like it. Couldn't care for it. Blech. Worst. I've had better. 

Monday, 17 August 2015

Burying the Ex review

Back in June I posted about a new movie trailer called Burying the Ex. Well last night I finally watched it. Let's just say....this could have been worse. 

The movie revolves around a horror fan and his overbearing girlfriend who dies and comes back as a zombie due to an evil wish to be together forever. In the film Anton Yelchin, also from Star Trek reboot movies as Chekov, tries to break up with his girlfriend, played Ashley Greene (Twilight series), but on the way over she is struck by a bus and killed. While Yelchin's character finally tries to go after a new girl, Alexandra Daddario, Greene comes back from the dead being her usual possessive self refusing to believe they aren't meant for eachother. 
Yelchin as Chekov

Let me be honest here and say I had higher hopes when I saw the trailer versus seeing the film. While I did enjoy Greene's decaying and the one line in the film that had my LOL ("I'm shaving my taint"), the rest of the film was just meh. I don't know if it was the lines, the lack of music or something in the background, the awkwardness of Yelchin and Daddario getting together, or the lack of other support actors besides the half-brother but I felt like something was missing. 

I watched Life After Beth, another zombie film not that many knew about, and I LOVED IT! It was funny, witty, just great. I was hoping this was be along those lines but this was awkward at times. AWKWARD=AWKWARD.

Anyways, using my new my review ratings (explained later on ths site) I give this one thumbs up...cuz I didn't completely hate it.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Only YOU can prevent diseases

Everyone can use a little washroom etiquette and what a funny thing to twist in some zombie prevention!
This print from Etsy can be for special occasions, Halloween, or all the time!

 Now I think I should get this for my washroom. It isn't an obvious zombie thing so that is why it would fit in any where, any time!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Walking Dead painted shoes

OH Etsy! We have had such a great time finding items and then some times these items disappear too quickly.
In this case these great hand painted shoes, originally from Etsy (no longer available), caught my eye. 

I miss TWD so much so seeing this beauties and how cleverly cool there are gets me so pumped up for the new season this fall. 

Feel free to browse Etsy to find similar finds for something to walk in. 

Monday, 10 August 2015

Monday Mention: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide
by Heather Dakota, Ali Castro (Illustrator)

The coiled bound book is designated into 3 parts: one explaining the zombie virus; second, how to properly identify zombies, and a third on some skills to use in the zombie apocalypse. 

Visually intriguing with chicken scratched writing, blood spatter, pictures looking like they are taped in, this book has such an awesome appeal to it which is why I wanted to read it. Even the cool illustrations, minus the weirdly photoshopped zombies, are something to bring life to this book. It is great to see a book about something almost fictional supported by epidemic and pandemic information, actual ways to survive in the wilderness with skills such as purifying water, how to build a proper fire, edible insects and plants, even a cloud pattern guide so you know what kind of weather to watch out for on top of the walking dead. 

These are the kind of zombie books I don't mind really showing people who aren't zombie fans since it talks about survival and just common safety measures.

The cover was in one of those holographic morphing changing images that goes from this young man to the scary zombie you see at the top.

some of the art

3 out of 5 monkey brains